Sick Bearded Dragon?

Sick Bearded Dragon?

One of the most common problems I see in Bearded Dragons is a slow sickness that creeps up over time. This sickness leaves them very lethargic, slow, and even unable to eat, they basically lie around like little flat blobs!

This is Drogo, he is a young bearded dragon who was not feeling his best. Unfortunately his owner had not been taught all the important facts about lizard health when he picked poor Drogo up.

This disease is referred to as Metabolic Bone Disease or MBD. Most of the metabolic bone disease I see is from poor little Dragons kept in glass tanks without the correct lighting and food!

They have a massive demand for natural unfiltered sunlight – that is DIRECT sunlight not filtered through glass. They need this sunlight to get the Vitamin D they need so their body can work properly.

If a dragon is kept in a tank or enclosure without direct sunlight they will need it provided artificially, this is best provided by obtaining a good quality UVB tube or globe from a knowledgeable pet store or reptile shop online. A big note to remember is that these globes may need replacing regularly even as little as every 3 months.

Another way to provide this is by including vitamins into your Dragons diet. Dusting crickets with a calcium and vitamin D3 powder or multivitamin powder is a good trick. Remember it is a little easier when you pop the crickets into the fridge for 10-20 mins to slow them down!

Keeping Dragons is not as easy or as cool as you may think. They need a lot of care and the set-up of their enclosures is very important. If you think your Dragon is in trouble or you need professional advice on their health and set-up why not give our caring vets a call on 41513550 or contact us at

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