Guinea Pigs and Teeth

Poor Harry the Guinea pig came in the other day suddenly off his food! this is most unusual as he is a most energetic little pig when it comes to food.

Dr mike Gave him a careful examination and found he had a few problems with his teeth! Harry had a toothache!

Poor Harry had some back teeth GROWING into each other!

and he had an extra tooth!

We quickly got to work and carefully helped him to sleep. Using a special dental burr and some corrective dentistry Harry was up in no time and even eating that Evening!

Guinea Pigs Teeth Facts

A Guinea Pig’s teeth are “open rooted” and grow continuously.

Good teeth are essential to your Guinea Pig’s health. A nutritious diet and adequate vitamin C will help them grow strong. For a healthy Guinea Pig, the biting,  the grinding and chewing of food (especially hay, grasses, and abrasive foods like seeds or pellets) will normally keep the teeth at the proper length.

If your Guinea Pig suddenly loses weight or goes off food he could have a problem with his teeth!

If you are concerned for your little friends health why not give us a call on 0741513550 to see one of our Caring Vets.

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