Unfortunately our pets can’t tell us how their feeling or what is wrong, which is where diagnostics become essential. Our highly trained veterinarians can assess your pet and recommend diagnostics to ensure an accurate diagnosis and to help us start the correct treatment for your pet as soon as possible.

At Sugarland Animal Hospital we can offer a number of in-house diagnostics including:

– Blood Screening
– Cytology
– Radiography
– Dental Radiography
– Ultrasound
– Urinalysis

We can also collect specimens needed for more advance diagnostic tests that are sent away to an external laboratory including:
– PCR Tests
– Histopathology

We’re proud to offer these advanced diagnostics locally to Bundaberg pet owners. You can discuss your pet’s diagnostic options further by calling us or booking an appointment to see us today.

Call us today on 07 4151 3550 or book online.