Puppy Preschool

Are you looking for a puppy school in Bundaberg, Queensland? Well, here at Sugarland Animal Hospital Bundaberg we have a great opportunity for socialisation for your puppy in a safe and controlled environment.

Designed and run by our experienced veterinary nurse team, you and your pup are sure to learn so much while having a great time together.

Puppy preschool is suitable for puppies 8 to 15 weeks of age who have received their first vaccination.
Puppy preschool sets the foundation for a well-socialised puppy, plus it’s filled with heaps of essential information for owners too – and lets not forget the awesome graduation pack!

This 4 week program is run in our hospital on Thursdays from 6pm-7pm, starting the first Thursday of each month.

Please arrive 15 minutes early to the first week of the program.

The total course cost is $99.

Contact us on 07 4151 3550 for more information or to enrol today!



Frequently Asked Questions About Puppy School

  • When should I enroll my dog in a puppy school?

    The earlier, the better. The earlier your dog can learn how to behave properly in specific social interactions, the better. About 8-14 weeks old is a good age to attend puppy school.

    If you’re in the Bundaberg region and looking for a puppy preschool to help train your dog, give us a call on 07 4151 3550 to discuss our puppy training courses!

  • What will my dog and I learn at puppy school?

    Below are only some of the things that you and your puppy will learn in puppy preschool.

    • Puppy behaviour
    • Healthcare
    • Responsible pet ownership
    • Potty training
    • Things to do during emergency
    • Socialisation


  • Where are the classes held?

    We run our puppy preschool program at our animal hospital in Bundaberg. Our program is a 4-week course that begins on the first Monday of each month at 6pm!

  • Do you accept aggressive dogs?

    We welcome all dogs to our training programs, however, if your dog is particularly aggressive, or you’re concerned about their behaviour, you can also discuss this with us before enrolling into our program.

    We offer behavioural advice for a wide variety of pets, and this might be the right option for you and your dog. Learn more about our behavioural consultation services here.

  • How do I enrol my dog into puppy school?

    If you want to enrol your dog into puppy preschool in Bundaberg, then just give us a call on 07 4151 3550. We can discuss details about the preschool course and get your pet ready for their puppy preschool adventure.