Home Euthanasia

It’s not easy to make the difficult decision of saying goodbye to your beloved pet.

Here at Sugarland Animal Hospital, Bundaberg, we want to help make this process easier by providing a caring and compassionate service that allows your best friend to be free of pain and discomfort in their final moments.

The decision to euthanise your pet is the hardest decision you will ever make as a pet owner. We can help you by offering advice and support, as well as providing an at home euthanisation service, so you can say goodbye to your pet in the comfort of their own home and with the ones they love.

Our home euthanisation service is available in Bundaberg, and while it’s not always possible, if you can provide as much notice for this service as possible it will allow us to be able to travel to your home and have our clinic staffed as well.

Before making the decision to euthanise your pet at home, talk to our compassionate staff. Saying goodbye to your pet is not easy and home euthanasia is not everyone. Our experienced and friendly staff can help you

In addition to our home euthanasia service in Bundaberg, we can also help to arrange a pet burial or cremation for your pet as well.

To discuss or book our euthanasia services, give us a call on 07 4151 3550.


Frequently Asked Questions About Our Pet Euthanasia At Home Service

  • Is it better to euthanize a dog or pet at home?

    The best place to perform euthanasia is wherever you and your pet is comfortable. And for most pets and their owners, home is where they feel most comfortable that’s why in-home euthanasia is better for them.

    There are cases, however, when euthanasia must be done immediately. This usually happens when pets are already admitted to the hospital for terminal illness or may have been involved in an accident.  Owners and vets don’t have that much time to bring the pet home so the procedure will be done in the clinic or hospital.

    Just remember, there is no wrong answer for where your pet should be euthanised when the time comes. You can discuss the options with our friendly and compassionate team here at Sugarland Animal Hospital Bundaberg.

  • Is it OK to feed a dog or pet before euthanasia?

    In most cases, yes. If your dog doesn’t have a hard time eating at all due to its illness, we say give your dog a feast. It’ll be the last day of your dog on Earth. That’s why it’s better if you give the best day of its life.

    We recommend you discuss this with our team here at Sugarland Animal Hospital. Call us on 07 4151 3550.

  • Is it better to cremate your pet after euthanasia?

    In normal cases, choosing between cremation and burial is a deeply personal decision. However, if your dog is dying from a disease that’s contagious, it would be better to cremate your dog after euthanasia.

    Cremation is done in special incinerators that render the ashes sterile to prevent other living organisms from getting the disease that your dog had.

    However, the final decision is entirely up to you. We recommend you discuss your options and get advice from our team here at Bundaberg’s Sugarland Animal Hospital.

  • Does a dog or animal suffer when euthanised?

    The procedure itself doesn’t hurt. However, your pet might make odd noises or movements as they lose their consciousness after sedation.

    But overall, it’s a safe and painless process to put your pet to rest. It’s an especially kind option for your pet when they are unwell.

  • How do I book a home euthanasia service for my pet?

    If you need a home euthanasia service for your pet in the Bundaberg region, give us a call on 07 4151 3500. We can make an appointment for you and more importantly discuss whether this is the right service for you.