Medical Services

Vaccinations – Regular vaccination for your dog or cat is an important part of routine health care for your pet and helps to ensure your pet remains fit and well. Many serious and life-threatening diseases can be prevented by vaccination.

Microchipping – Microchips help avoid the heartache of losing your best friend. A microchip contains a special code that is linked to a national registry. This means if your pet is ever lost, a council worker, shelter or veterinarian can scan your pet for the microchip and access your contact details from the national registry. We have the scanning technology to be able to easily identify your pet if they are brought to our practice. Each year we successfully reunite many lost pets with their owners with the assistance of microchip technology.

Chemotherapy – Our hospital can offer a local option for Bundaberg pets requiring Chemotherapy. Our hospital is set-up to provide this life-saving service right here in Bundaberg. Just call our team to discuss our Chemotherapy options further.

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