Our hospital has a purpose-build grooming facility on-site, catering for all your pets grooming needs in one place!

Our highly-trained groomers are dedicated to providing your pet with a fear-free, luxurious pampering experience, with veterinary supervision available, so even the most reluctant pet will be in the best hands.

Our grooming appointments are available from Monday to Friday from 8am.

We offer:

– Full Pamper Package: Full Clip, Luxurious Bath & Blow dry & Nail Trim
– Partial Pamper Package: Half Clip, Luxurious Bath & Blow dry & Nail Trim
– Luxurious Bath: A deep clean in our purpose-built walk-in shower with a Blow Dry and Nail Trim
– Luxurious Bath & Brush Out Out Package: A deep clean in our purpose-built walk-in shower with a Blow Dry, Coat Brush Out and Nail Trim
– Full Clip Under General Anaesthetic: Great for anxious pets or those who may be very matted

– Pet-safe Colouring
– Ear Pluck
– Ear Clean
– Nail Trim or File
– Anal Gland Expression
– Nail Polish

Call us today on 07 4151 3550 or book online for your pet grooming needs in Bundaberg!

Frequently Asked Questions About Pet Grooming

  • When should I start bringing my dog to a professional groomer?

    You can bring your pet to a professional groomer from as young as three months old. Starting early will allow your dog or cat to get accustomed to the environment of a grooming salon. This way, grooming will be a pleasurable experience for the pet as it grows up, instead of a traumatic one.

  • How often should my dog be groomed?

    In most cases, 4-6 weeks should be enough to maintain the coat of your pet. This may vary based on your pet’s breed and health. You can always ask us for a recommendation.

  • Will you muzzle my dog during grooming?

    Only if your pet shows aggression. A muzzle can help to calm them and also ensure our groomers are safe as well.

  • Can I stay while my dog is being groomed?

    It would be better if the dog doesn’t see you or know you’re around while grooming. If you stay, your dog will likely try to get to you constantly, which can make them anxious.

    Our groomers are highly trained and completely dedicated to providing a safe and comforting environment for your pet – trust us, they are in safe hands at Sugarland Animal Hospital.

  • My dog scratches a lot after grooming - is this normal?

    Yes, it’s normal and you have nothing to worry about. The best thing that you can do is to try to distract your pet from scratching. Because it might become itchier if your dog constantly scratches it. But other than that, your pet will be fine.

  • How do I book a grooming appointment for my pet?

    If you need your pet groomed in Bundaberg, all you need to do is give us a call on 07 4151 3550 or book our grooming services online here.

    We offer a variety of grooming packages and services, and you can discuss them with us at the time of booking!