Complimentary Lump Checks

Are you worried about a strange bump, lump or wart on your pet? Are you worried it might be something serious?

Here at Sugarland Animal Hospital in Bundaberg we can check the lumps and bumps on your pet checked free of charge.

Our veterinarians can assess the lumps and decide if further testing is required. As part of this complimentary service, we will also discuss the costs of any further pathology testing that may be required, as well as treatment and/or removal options.

Unfortunately, it’s a reality that both cats and dogs can get cancers. Mammary tumours, skin tumours, testicular tumours and even very severe and significant skin cancers can affect our pets. There are various risk factors, such as age, breed and sex of the pet which can impact the likelihood of this occurring. These cancers can sometimes present as lumps and bumps – which is why it is important to get them checked out by a veterinarian.

If your pet is over the age of 5, they are at a higher risk of developing cancers and other illnesses. It’s a great idea to book them in to see us for a quick examination as soon as possible at our Bundaberg-based vet clinic. We can identify any problems or serious risks and start treatment as soon as possible, if required.

The earlier an illness is detected the more likely the prognosis is going to be better, particularly for a cancerous condition, which is why early detection of new growths on your pet’s body is extremely important.

We offer our Lump Checks for Pets service complimentary in Bundaberg because it’s so important to play an active role in identifying lumps and bumps in your pet. Even if you haven’t noticed a lump or bump, it’s important to have a professional check to ensure your pet can live a long and healthy life.

If you want to check your pet for lumps and bumps at home, it’s time to ‘palpate’ your pet!

Here are the 5 easy steps:

  1. For a longer coated pet, brush out any matts or knots in the coat (so you don’t mistake them for growths!).
  2. Starting at the nose and working back to the tail run both of your hands over the surface of your pet’s skin. Apply just a little pressure to feel anything that might be just under the skin.
  3. If you feel any lumps or bumps on just one side of your pet, mark it with a marker.
  4. Continue all the way to the tip of the tail. Feel underneath the body especially along the mammary glands. If a male pet is un-neutered, also feel the testicles.
  5. If you find a lump or bump, schedule an appointment so we can check it out. If you feel ANYTHING, it warrants an assessment.

Organise your cat, dog, or pet lump check in Bundaberg today by calling us on 07 4151 3550 or book online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Complimentary Lump Checks Service

  • What should I do if I identify a lump, bump or something unusual on my pet’s body that concerns me?

    The very best thing you can do is not to panic, but to make an appointment to come and see us. We will provide a complimentary examination of the Lump or Bump, and if it is serious we will discuss testing, treatment, and removal options available to you.

    When we test lumps and bumps, we use a fine needle or a small surgical biopsy to collect cells from the lumps for analysis and we can have the results back in a few days!

    The main thing is to recognize that your pet may be in a ‘risk category’ … and that NOW is the time to get that peace of mind.

    Our aim is not alarm you but rather to urge you to give your furry friend that five point check over pronto. Or if you prefer, drop in and we’ll do it for you.

  • What causes lumps to suddenly appear on my pet?

    There are several causes of lumps on your pet. Some lumps are just benign fatty tumors (meaning, not cancerous) that normally appear along the ribs of middle-aged dogs or older.

    Some lumps, on the other hand, are cancerous and need to be checked and removed by a veterinary surgeon as soon as possible.

    Another reason why lumps suddenly appear on your pet is because of some of the oil glands getting blocked, almost like a pimple. This lump is called sebaceous cyst which will eventually flatten out once it bursts a white pasty substance.

    Warts are another cause of lumps and bumps on your dogs which are caused by viruses. Normally, they go away by themselves. But for older dogs, surgery might be required to remove them.

    Lastly, abscess. It’s a build-up of pus that occurs under the skin which is normally caused by an insect bite infection. Don’t worry, it can be treated.

  • Can lumps on dogs go away naturally?

    Some lumps and bumps naturally disappear without treatment and without you even noticing.

    However, that’s not a reason to just ignore any kind of lump that you see and feel on your pets. Most lumps can be caused by an underlying disease or infection, so it’s still best that you contact Sugarland Animal Hospital for diagnosis and treatment of your pet.

  • When should I worry about a lump on my dog?

    As pet owners, it’s only normal to worry about anything that’s happening in your pet’s body that you have no knowledge of. It’s okay to worry, but it’s important not to panic.

    Calling your vet for recommendations is always the best thing to do. If the lump grows fast, and you see redness, swelling, pus, an opening, or any sign that your dog is in pain, that’s when you should book an appointment as soon as possible.

  • How do I book a lump check for my pet?

    If you’re concerned about a new lump or bump on your pet or you want someone to check them over for any potential lumps, you can book in an appointment with us here at Sugarland Animal Hospital Bundaberg by calling us on 07 4151 3550 or booking online.

    We can also provide this service in combination with other services, like vaccinations and general check-ups.