• Titre Tests – Checking for Protection

    May 29 2019

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    Titre testing explained A titre test is a blood test that measures the levels of protective antibodies circulating in the blood. Antibodies are produced when an animal comes into contact…

  • Paralysis Tick


    Aug 28 2018

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    Paralysis Ticks and your Pet   Although ticks are found all over the world, the paralysis tick (Ixodes holocyclus) is only found in Australia. It is restricted to the humid…

  • It Pays to Desex your Pet

    Jun 04 2018

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    Did you know? Desexing your pet provides several health and behavior benefits that will help keep them happier, healthier, and ultimately, save you money! When you Desex your pet, you…

  • Call the Vet – Scibbles the Cat and her Emergency Visit

    Nov 03 2017

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      Dr Mel recently saw the beautiful Scribbles at Sugarland Animal Hospital with an injury that would make anyone feel sick.         Scribbles had what we called…

  • Age and your Pet

    Aug 23 2017

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    Just as our bodies complain a little more as we grow older, the same is true for our pets. The trouble is, they don’t have the words to tell you…

  • Rat Bait poisoning and your pet

    Jul 24 2017

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    I have seen an unusually large amount of Pets lately who have accidentally eaten rat baits. This naughty puppy managed to grab this bucket that was sealed, up high on…

  • What Breed is my Dog? – DNA Testing

    Jul 04 2017

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    Sometimes in my job it can be quite challenging to come to a conclusion as to what breed a dog may be. Owners sometimes question what breeds may be part…

  • Chemotherapy and your Pet

    May 02 2017

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    Chemotherapy in dogs   The treatment of cancer in pets has improved over the last few decades to parallel treatment in humans. In humans, many cancers are cured, and cancer…

  • Getting your Cat to the Vet

    Apr 12 2017

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    Did you know that providing good health care, especially preventative health care, can allow your cats to have longer, more comfortable lives? However, this cannot happen unless they see the…

  • Chocolate and your Pets

    Apr 04 2017

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    From Easter, most of us will have to much chocolate to eat, and just as much as we enjoy it, our four legged friend love the smell also, and will…