Chemotherapy and your Pet

Chemotherapy in dogs The treatment of cancer in pets has improved over the last few decades to parallel treatment in…

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Getting your Cat to the Vet

Did you know that providing good health care, especially preventative health care, can allow your cats to have longer, more…

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Chocolate and your Pets

From Easter, most of us will have to much chocolate to eat, and just as much as we enjoy it,…

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Sick Bearded Dragon?

Sick Bearded Dragon? One of the most common problems I see in Bearded Dragons is a slow sickness that creeps…

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Boy or Girl? – What Sex is your Reptile?

Meet Baby Rex! Rex came in to see us as his mum wasn’t sure Rex was a Boy or a…

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Guinea Pigs and Teeth

Poor Harry the Guinea pig came in the other day suddenly off his food! this is most unusual as he…

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Arthritis – Management of Pets in Pain

Is you pet feeling their age a little? As a Vet is is our privilege to assist animals in pain…

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Snakes Alive! – A day in the life of a Reptile Vet

Recently a Wildlife carer brought us a scaly patient in a nasty predicament This Carpet python had decided to take…

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Top 7 facts – Desexing your pet

Here are our top 7 facts why you should consider desexing your pet. Desexed pets tend to live longer healthier lives…

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