Paralysis Ticks in Bundaberg

This time last year we warned our clients about the rise of Paralysis Ticks in the region. As we come into warmer weather these deadly little parasites are starting to show up again around Bundaberg.

Previously the Bundaberg Region has been in a Paralysis Tick “safe bubble”, but unfortunately that is no longer the case.

We need to advise our clients and the community they NEED to be using tick prevention on their pets.

Once a Paralysis Tick attaches to your pet, they release a fatal toxin (holocyclotoxin) into the bloodstream while feeding. This toxin can lead to a number of symptoms, which eventually cause paralysis where your pet is unable to swallow or breath, often resulting in death.

Paralysis Ticks are not something to take lightly, they are small and often hard to find on your pet until it’s too late.

To protect your pet you need to do the following:
1. Place them on a tick preventative. We are now stocking Paralysis Tick Prevention Products for cats and dogs including NexGard Spectra and Bravecto.
2. Complete regular tick searches on your pet, especially after being in long grass or bushland areas. Ticks can attach all over so be sure to check in between their toes, in their ears and even their mouth.
3. Know the signs of Tick Paralysis and call us immediately if they show any symptoms.

These include:
– Uncoordination
– Weakness
– Collapse
– Vomiting or retching
– Change of bark or meow
– Difficulty breathing

The treatment for Tick Paralysis involves hospitalisation, shaving your pet to make sure all ticks are removed, administering tick anti-serum, IV fluids and depending on the severity often oxygen support or even intubation may be required to assist your pet in breathing.

Don’t take the risk… make sure your pet is on Tick Prevention. Call us on 4151 3550 or book an appointment below and our trained team can help get your pet protected.

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