5 Reasons To Vaccinate Your Pet!

Pet vaccines are a life saver!
Our pets rely on us for love and protection and one of the easiest ways we can provide this is with a simple annual vaccination. 

We want every pet to be protected from deadly disease, so we encourage owners to keep their pets vaccinations up-to-date.

With flexible payment options such as Afterpay, Zippay and VetPay available there’s never been a better time to vaccinate your pet with us at Sugarland Animal Hospital. 

Check out our top reasons for vaccinating your pet below: 

#1: A vaccination is cheaper than treatment
A vaccination is a small, once-yearly cost to provide your pet with protection from diseases that can cost thousands of dollars to treat. The average cost of treating Parvovirus is over $5,000 and treatment is not always successful. 


#2: Unvaccinated pets can catch untreatable diseases 
Some of the diseases your pet may catch if unvaccinated are incurable, so once they become infected they will have the disease for life. Feline Aids for example is a life-long condition that can be managed but never cured. However with a simple course of vaccinations, your pet can be protected from this. 


#3: Even indoor-only pets can be at risk
Many people tell us they do not vaccinate their pet as they are indoor-only. However this does not mean they are safe! Many diseases can be tracked into your home through soil on your shoes or droplets on your clothing. The only way to protect your pet is with a vaccination. 

#4: Peace of mind
Arguably the most common reason to vaccinate your pet is the peace of mind it provides knowing your beloved pet is protected. Being able to take your pet to the beach, the park, out for walks around your neighbourhood without the risk of catching deadly diseases is priceless. 


#5: Your pet will not be able to board anywhere
If you pet is unvaccinated, you will have a difficult time finding accommodation for them. Kennels & Catteries require up-to-date vaccinations for all pets entering their care. Vaccinations also have a waiting period of 2 weeks to become effective, so if you need to travel last minute your pet will need to be vaccinated prior. 

Call our team on 4151 3550 to book your pets vaccination today!

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