Keeping pets safe during storm season

Storm Season is really here in the Bundy region, and this can mean highly stressful times for our pets! 

Many pets suffer from “storm anxiety or storm phobia” which can result in hiding, pacing, panting and escaping behaviours which can put our pets lives at risk.

If your pet suffers from this we have a couple of suggestions to help keep them calm and safe during storm season:

  • Creating a secure place, with adequate fence heights or placing your pet indoors with background noise like leaving the tv on during stormy days can help to alleviate some anxiety and keep them safe
  • Make sure your pet is microchipped and the details are up-to-date so if your pet does escape during a storm, they can be quickly returned to you
  • Place an ID tag on your pets collar with your phone number and any medical conditions, so if your pet becomes lost during a storm they can be attended to and reunited with you ASAP
  • Doggy daycare is also a great option, we offer this weekdays at our hospital. For days where storms are forecast if you will be out all day it may be a good idea to drop them off with us for daycare
  • Medications can be helpful in severe cases of storm phobia, we recommend a behavioural consult with our vets to discuss these options and find a right fit for your pet

Just give our team a call on 4151 3550 and we can discuss these options in more detail, or book a consultation online here:

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