The holiday season brings with it a number of health hazards for our furry family members, so it’s important to be prepared and vigilant to ensure they have a happy and healthy festive season.
Below are a list of the top holiday hazards to be on the look out for:

Pancreatitis: This painful condition can be brought on when our pets eat fatty scraps such as roast pork or chicken fat, and causes inflammation of the pancreas requiring emergency hospitalisation and medications. Avoid giving your pets table scraps and stick with their usual diet!

Toxicity: Christmas is often when we see a rise in toxicity cases, as our pets get into naughty foods like chocolate or even visitors medications which can cause toxicity. Make sure to keep a close eye on what your pet may be able to access!

Heat Stroke: It’s one of the hottest times of the year, and our pets can be easily effected by the soaring temperatures. Ensure they have access to shade and water 24/7 and never leave them in a locked car!

Parasites: The holidays means an increase in travel, so parasites are easily spread and our pets are the perfect host! Pop in and get their parasite preventatives up to date to protect them and your home from infestations!

Escaping: Fireworks, guests leaving gates open and lots of loud noises makes it one of the most likely times of year for your pet to escape! Ensure they have ID collars on at all times and that they are microchipped with relevant information so you can be contacted if they do happen to escape!

We are available 24/7 this holiday season for all pet emergencies by calling 4151 3550!

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