Halloween may be over, but Heartworm’s still giving us a fright!

Forget ghosts and zombies, the prevalence of Heartworm in Bundaberg right now is what is truly terrifying. 

We’re diagnosing positive cases of this horrible disease every couple of DAYS.

Previously, we didn’t see a lot of Heartworm Disease in the Bundy area, so it wasn’t really on the radar for many owners and even many vets.

But now we’re seeing so many cases, we’re routinely testing for Heartworm with ALL blood screening in our hospital, and sadly this is exposing just how prevalent this disease is now in Bundy.

Almost every case we diagnose, the owner saw no symptoms and the only reason their pet was diagnosed was because of blood testing for an unrelated issue. 

The scary thing about Heartworm is that, unlike other diseases like Parvovirus, there are NO symptoms until the disease is very advanced.

Just ONE mosquito bite and your pet can be infected. If they miss even just ONE dose of Heartworm prevention, or their prevention is given just a few days late, they can be infected without anyone even knowing.

Once Heartworm Disease is in the advance stages, it can lead to multiple organ failure starting with the heart and lungs. 

If you’re concerned that your pet may have had a period where they were not on Heartworm Prevention or it was given late, please book them in for a Heartworm Test with us ASAP.

We take a small blood sample and have results for you in around 10 minutes!

This 10 minutes could save your pets life from a deadly disease you wouldn’t even know they had until it was too late.

Phone 4151 3550 to book your pets Heartworm test.

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