Top 7 facts – Desexing your pet

Here are our top 7 facts why you should consider desexing your pet.

  1. Desexed pets tend to live longer healthier lives
  2. Pets are less prone to wander in search for a mate, fight, and are less likely to get lost or injured – this often results in unexpected vet bills from car accidents and fights
  3. They are less likely to suffer from anti-social behaviors becoming more affectionate and become better companions.
  4. Eliminates male dogs’ urge to “mount” people’s legs.
  5. Worried about cancer?
    1. Desexing your cat helps reduce the incidence of mammary tumours which is the third most common cancer in cats with more than 85% being dangerous cancers that spread (invasive malignancies).
    2. Desexing your dog will help prevent mammary tumours which are the most common cancer in undesexed female dogs with 70% developing a tumour as they get older.
  6. Did you know that cats can start breeding as young as four months of age? Desexing them early helps reduce the cost for unwanted or unexpected litters or finding a new home for them
  7. Tired of cleaning up pee indoors? Desexing can help manage territorial behaviour such as spraying.

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One comment on “Top 7 facts – Desexing your pet

  1. Claire Masters on

    I just received a really cute kitten as a birthday gift last week and my mom suggested I have a pet desexing procedure for her as early as now. Thanks for the information that this will actually help reduce the chances that my cat would produce mammary cancer tumors. I hope to talk with a vet about this soon.


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