Itchy Pets: Where To Start

Ever had an itch you couldn’t scratch?

Itchy skin is one of the most frustrating things our pets can experience, especially when it is left untreated.

Imagine being itchy all the time and not being able to ask for help? Well sadly for our pets this is often the case, and their itchy skin can really start to effect their quality of life (as well as yours). 

Sadly we’re not here to tell you that there is a magical, simple fix for your pets itchy skin.. but we can work with you to try and improve your dogs skin issues.

Itchy skin can be from a very long list of possibilities including a food allergy, and environmental factor like fleas or grasses or even a combination of things.

The best place to start is a consult with us to discuss your options based on your pets symptoms and your budget.

There are so many new products from simple once monthly injections through to topical sprays and even supportive diets that may help. 

Skin conditions left untreated drastically reduce your pets quality of life and can lead to secondary infections that require antibiotic courses and steroids… or worse.

Your furry friend cant ask for help, but if you find yourself constantly having to tell them to stop itching or licking themselves, or you see signs of hair loss, redness or sores on their skin …it’s probably time to seek help. 

Book your pet in for a Skin Consultation now by phoning 4151 3550 and start the journey to the itch-free, comfortable life your pet deserves.

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