It Pays to Desex your Pet

Did you know? Desexing your pet provides several health and behavior benefits that will help keep them happier, healthier, and ultimately, save you money! When you Desex your pet, you are protecting your pet against:

Cancer – Male and females are both prone to reproductive cancers. Female animals are at risk for mammary and uterine tumors, especially after becoming pregnant. Male animals are often at risk for testicular cancer. The best way to reduce these risks is by spaying and neutering before your pet’s first heat cycle.

Why it pays: Tumor removal is often a major surgical procedure and can easily run you over $1,000 in vet bills, sometimes even several thousand dollars. 

Unwanted litters – even if you do not intend to breed your pet, the costs of an unexpected litter can greatly impact your wallet.

Why it pays:  From an increase in dietary needs to the potential for medical complications, any sized litter can cost you from $500 to several thousand dollars. And then you’ll also need to spend the time and energy finding good homes for each pup!

Hormone-driven behaviors – fixing your pet won’t change their personality, but it can reduce several undesirable behaviors such as yowling, humping, marking, roaming, as well as some types of aggression.

Why it pays: A dog trainer or cat behavior consultant can cost around $50-$100 or more per lesson! You’ll be spending several hundred dollars trying to improve behaviors that may never be eradicated without Desexing

Now is a great time to invest in your pet’s future by asking us about our Desexing services that don’t break the bank!

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