Protect Your Dog from the Silent Threat: Heartworm Disease

Dogs bring boundless joy and unconditional love to our lives. But a hidden danger lurks, waiting to strike even before warning signs appear: Heartworm disease. This potentially fatal illness, transmitted by a single mosquito bite, can silently harm your dog’s health.

The Unexpected Danger:

For years, many believed Heartworm wasn’t a major threat in our area. Unfortunately, that’s no longer true. This disease is quietly affecting our furry friends, often undetected until it’s advanced and harder to treat.

The Stealthy Enemy:

The scary part about Heartworm? It can hide for a long time. It might take months, even years, before your dog shows signs like coughing, tiring easily, or losing weight. By then, the worms could be harming their heart and lungs, making them very sick.

The Power of Prevention:

But here’s the good news! We can completely prevent Heartworm with regular medication. That’s why we recommend Proheart, a convenient once-a-year injection that protects your dog all year long, unlike messy monthly pills.

Early Check, Early Relief:

Waiting for symptoms is risky. We encourage you to bring your dog in for a free Heartworm test right away. If they’re negative, starting Proheart keeps them safe from future bites. If they’re positive, early detection and treatment give them a much better chance of recovery.

Limited-Time Offer to Help Every Pup:

To raise awareness and encourage testing, we’re offering:

  • Free Heartworm tests with every Proheart injection.
  • 10% off Proheart shots to make protecting your dog easier.
  • Free Proheart injections for puppies 12 weeks and older!

Don’t Let One Bite Risk It All:

Even forgetting one dose of monthly preventatives can leave your dog vulnerable. Proheart provides reliable, long-lasting protection, giving you peace of mind.

Together, We Can Help:

Your dog’s health is our top priority. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us at 4151 3550 or booked an appointment here. Let’s work together to keep our furry friends safe from this sneaky threat!

Remember: Early detection and prevention are crucial. Don’t wait, protect your dog from Heartworm today!

Additional Information:

  • How is Heartworm spread? Mosquitos carry microscopic Heartworm larvae. When they bite a dog, the larvae enter the bloodstream and mature into adult worms in the heart and lungs.
  • What are the symptoms of Heartworm? Early stages may show no symptoms. Later stages can include coughing, fatigue, weight loss, difficulty breathing, and even fainting.
  • How is Heartworm treated? Treatment depends on the severity of infection and can involve medication, injections, and even surgery. Early detection and prevention are key to avoiding complications.
  • Why is Proheart recommended? It’s convenient, long-lasting, and eliminates the risk of forgetting monthly doses.

Remember: By talking to your veterinarian and taking preventive measures, you can keep your dog happy, healthy, and free from the dangers of Heartworm disease.

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