Pet Nutrition

The right food can make a big difference in your pet’s health. That’s why we offer a wide variety of specialty and therapeutic diets for all lifestages and disease conditions. We also carry special supplements for general wellness and for acute and chronic disease conditions.

Are you trying to help your pet lose weight, but you’d still like to give him or her a treat occasionally? Ask about our special lower-calorie treats, which you can give your pet without any guilt.

If your pet is at risk for dental disease, we have diets, chews, and treats that can help keep his or her gums and teeth healthier by controlling plaque and tartar.

We’d be happy to recommend a diet for your pet. Veterinary consultation is required for our prescription diet foods and our supplements. Call us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your pet’s nutritional needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Your Pet's Nutrition

  • How do I know what my pet should be eating?

    If you’re new to being a pet owner, your pet’s appetite or eating habits has changed, or you’ve noticed that your pet has been putting on weight, it’s a good idea to book your pet in to see us at Sugarland.

    Often, we can overfeed our pets or feed them foods that aren’t really meant for our pets. While a little bit every now and then might not be a problem, sometimes eating the wrong kind of food or too much of it regularly can have a very negative impact on our pets.

    Even if you’re new to having a pet, it’s a good idea to seek a vet’s advice on how much your pet should be eating and if there are types of foods that are better than others for your pet.

    Animals have different food requirements and abilities to process food as they age, so it’s important to keep an eye on them and monitor their diet.

    Our vets can help assess your pet and provide advice on how much they should be eating and the best kinds of foods they can eat.

  • Does my pet have to eat prescription diet food?

    Not necessarily. If your pet is overweight or has health concerns, a prescription diet may be the best option for them. However, every animal is different. It’s best to have your pet assessed and your vet can give you advice on the types of food and how much of it they should be having in their diet.

    You may be advised to feed your pet a prescription diet when they are unwell or if that animal is more likely to develop certain conditions, like urinary tract problems.

    It’s best to seek advice for each animal you have.

  • How do I get nutritional advice for my pet?

    To get a vet’s advice on your pet’s diet, all you need to do is book an appointment to see us here at Sugarland Animal Hospital in Bundaberg.

    We can assess your pet and advise on the best kinds of foods and amount they should be eating.

    Call us on 07 4151 3550 or book online here.