Pet Insurance

Our hospital strongly encourages owners to look into pet insurance for their pets.

There is no Medicare for pets so diagnostics, medications and treatment can really add up!

Budgeting for a regular pet insurance premium may be more affordable and less stressful then having to find large sums for treatment, especially during emergency situations.

We never want you to have to choose between your pets care and your financial security, so we highly recommend finding a pet insurance that suits your family.

Things to consider when looking for pet insurance:

– The sooner the better, as often pre-existing conditions will not be covered. So the sooner you insure your pet, the more conditions the insurer will cover! Some insurers will also only provide coverage from a certain age, so if you want your pet covered for when they get older and medical issues may arise, you need to act early on.

– Be aware of the different levels of cover, some are for emergencies only whereas more comprehensive levels may cover routine care such as vaccinations. Work out what you you need covered and what you can afford upfront, and choose accordingly.

– What percentage does it cover? Some insurers will cover 100% of the claim amount, and some even pay directly to our hospital. Whereas others you may need to pay the bill upfront, then be reimbursed a certain percentage after the claim is made.

– What is the excess? Different policies will have different excess amounts. Have a think about if you would rather pay a higher excess and lower premiums, or if you would rather a policy with a very low excess to reduce costs at the time of treatment.

– Always read the fine print! It’s best to be aware if your insurance policy has any exclusions. Most common is dental work, cruciate and patella surgeries and often there are limits on how much they will cover for things such as Paralysis Ticks and Snake Bites. The more educated you are on your policy, the better.

Choosing the right pet insurance can be overwhelming, but we encourage owners to do their research and make a decision, because pet insurance could save your pets life!

Even pets that appear to be totally healthy can be involved in freak accidents, develop life-long conditions or become ill very suddenly.

Take the pressure off what will already be a very stressful time, an insurer your pet today!