Sugarland Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can my Pet have food and Water?

We recommend leaving your pets stomach empty for at least 12 hours before their procedure, they can have food the night before but make sure to remove it after 7pm that evening. Ensure water is always accessible to maintain hydration.

2. What is a Titre test?

There is a small chance your puppy may not be fully protected against the dreaded Parvovirus, even though they have had all their vaccinations, a Simple blood test can let us know how well your pup is protected. If you have brought your pup to us for their vaccinations and they are not fully protected we will give your pup a further vaccination FREE, just to make sure they wont contract this Deadly Virus.

3. How can we make sure your pet is safe for an anesthetic

Even though your pet may look healthy there is a chance they may have some organ disease or dysfunction. It is often simple to examine an animal on the outside and think things look fine; however we can never really be sure how they are inside. We can find the state of your pets’ inner health quickly with a simple blood test. Our state-of-the-art hospital of excellence hosts the latest equipment for immediate onsite blood testing.

4. What is a Silver package?

Being a hospital of excellence here at Sugarland Animal Hospital we are highly focused on providing the best in care for your pets, we insist that every pet undergoing an anaesthetic procedure receives a fear and pain free experience, intravenous fluids providing blood pressure support and antibiotics to cover for infection. We include all these extras as Standard practice. However, for those clients wanting extra care we provide stiches that dissolve which means that you do not need to stress your pet bringing them back to have stiches removed and a pre-anaesthetic blood test to make sure your pet is in top health before their procedure.

5. What is a Gold package?

We provide all the features of the standard and Silver package, however, some clients insist on the absolute top level of care for their pet. They also want to be a part of their pets’ special day. With a Gold package we take photos of your pets’ day and their experience here in the Hospital and provide a USB slideshow for you to take home. You can also have your choice of a special gift, your pets’ nails trimmed and ears cleaned, and best of all you can have your choice of a Vaccination, microchip or titre test.

6. Can my dog have dissolving stiches?

Some pets get very stressed coming to the vets and other pets love to pick at stiches, why not simply choose to have dissolving stiches for your pets’ procedure for only a little extra. It will also mean you will not need the stress of trying to bring your pet in again to have normal stiches removed.

7. Does my pet need vaccinating before their procedure?

Although we keep very strict hygiene in our Hospital of excellence we cannot guarantee the vaccination state of the other patients in our hospital. Having you pet fully protected against those nasty viruses will simply ensure there is no risk to your pet during their procedure. If your pet isn’t fully protected, or you are unsure, simply give us a quick call on 41513550 and we can assist you.

8. What happens if my pet has Fleas?

Fleas are an irritating burden and if you have ever had a flea bite you would know they can be very itchy. We recommend using a flea product on your pet before their procedure to ensure the operation site remains strictly flea free, allowing your pet to recover without risk of infection. Furthermore, they wont have to put up with itchy flea bites that may prompt them to interfere with their wound and cause more issues with healing. If your pet has fleas when visiting our hospital, we have very easy and Cost effective options available to rid your pet of these pesky pests.

9. Can my pet be Microchipped?

Microchipping your pet during their procedure is a perfect opportunity while they are sound asleep. Although we use the smallest microchips we can find, they are still inserted using a needle. We prefer your pet have a pain free experience.

10. How does having IV (intravenous) Fluids benefit my pet?

Being a hospital of excellence here at Sugarland Animal Hospital we are highly focused on providing the best in care for your pets, we insist that every pet undergoing an anaesthetic procedure receives intravenous fluids providing blood pressure support to their vital organs. With any anaesthetic your pets’ blood pressure drops significantly and this can affect their recovery and ability to handle the anaesthetic.

11. What happens if my pet still has Baby teeth?

Sometimes your pets baby teeth fail to fall out in time (by about 6-8 months) if they still have baby teeth these can interfere with the erupting adult teeth and even damage them permanently. Having them removed at the time of their procedure fixes this problem and is a cost effective and pain free solution.

12. What happens if my pet has Dew Claws?

Having dew claws is not usually a problem and we don’t advocate having them removed electively for cosmetic reasons. However, some dew claws can get caught on objects as your pet exercises or can cause undue pain or irritation to your pet. If this is the case, please talk to our veterinarians regarding surgical options during your pets’ procedure.


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