Boy or Girl? – What Sex is your Reptile?

Meet Baby Rex!

Rex came in to see us as his mum wasn’t sure Rex was a Boy or a Girl Lizard?

Reptiles keep all their “bits” inside their tails, and to make life interesting the mails often have 2 sets of organs called Hemipenes.

As a Reptile Vet I’m often asked to help tell whether an animal is a He or a She

Sometimes you can carefully examine the tail and apply a careful technique to see if any male parts pop out

In Rex’s case there was nothing to see, The next step is to double check using a special probe to test for the presence of hemepenes.

Looks like Rex is………A GIRL!

Rex got to meet Lizard Breath one of our Clinic Blue Tongue Lizards

And got a little energetic

If you are needing your Reptile Sexed why not give us a call on 41513550 or contact us on

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